Inland Empire Surf Soccer Club



A message from Club President, Bryan Young.


It is with great pleasure and excitement that we notify all members and potential members of Platinum FC that our Board of Directors have voted unanimously to become a franchise member of Surf Soccer Club.  Our new name will be Inland Empire Surf Soccer Club.

Surf SC, based out of San Diego, California has become a nationally recognized club soccer organization with one of the premier college showcase tournaments in the nation that every college coach knows and trusts.

Surf SC is one of only 11 Nike Premier clubs in the country, we will now be a part of this great organization that has members as far away as Hawaii.

The news hit the soccer community very fast and we are turning heads with this venture.  With the size and reputation of our club this new undertaking will allow us to become the largest and most successful club in our area and we are striving to become one of the premier clubs in Southern California.

We will soon be announcing the date and time for an all member meeting to discuss the roll out of the new franchise and its benefits.

We invite all members this coming Wednesday at 7:30 PM as representatives of Surf SC and our club will have a formal signing of the agreement.  The event will take place at our new presentation stage area near the entrance.

We welcome anyone who wants to attend the signing to come and share in this very exciting and prideful moment.

This is a huge milestone for our club, our community and more importantly for every player in the Inland Empire!

Thank you,

Bryan Young
Inland Empire Surf S. C.



Platinum FC is now Inland Empire Surf Soccer Club! Here’s a FAQ about the transition:


Q: What’s our new name?
A: Inland Empire Surf Soccer Club is the official club name, but we can be referred to as Inland Empire Surf, or IE Surf. Team names will switch for the 2013/2014 season – your teams will complete the season as Platinum FC.


Q: What’s the benefit of switching from Platinum FC to Inland Empire Surf?
A: While Platinum FC has built a great reputation in a short amount of time, Surf Soccer Club is a nationally-recognized brand that we believe can help us competitively by attracting coaches and players.  The Surf Soccer franchise program will benefit our club in a number of ways including

i) leveraging the Surf Soccer network and tournament organization to grow our tournament and increase the amount our tournament provides in fundraising.

ii) ongoing coach training and support from Surf Soccer coaches.

iii) administration and legal support, iv) playing opportunities on Surf Select teams which will participate in national-level tournaments nationwide.

v) Nike Premier Club pricing on the best Nike gear.

vi) participation in the title sponsorship agreement with Soccerloco.

vii) participation in major sponsorship deals that are network-wide.

viii) participation in Surf in-house scrimmage days.

ix) tournament entrance assistance.

x) assistance in exposure to college coaches through the Surf network and tournaments.

xi) availability of international touring opportunities, and

xii) all the benefits of joining the Surf family and working as a team to accomplish our goals.


Q: How much is this going to cost?
A: We were able to negotiate with Surf Soccer Club such that they are not charging us a per-player fee to become a franchisee for this inaugural season. It is intended that the per-player fee will remain $0 or less than $10 for the length of our agreement. Your dues will increase this year, but that increase is not related to this franchise agreement.


Q: What is the term of the franchise agreement?
A: The initial term of the agreement is five years, with consecutive automatic extensions. It’s the desire of both Surf Soccer Club and our club that this agreement lasts considerably longer than the initial term.


Q: What is the purpose of Surf Soccer’s franchise program?
A: Surf Soccer Club is looking to establish a network of clubs to share resources, collaborate and partner in projects involving soccer education and instruction, tournament planning and promotion, field development and club administration.  We hope to share our expertise and that of our affiliates to build uniformly well-run professional organizations that develop our players and successfully transition them to the next level of play.


Q: What is going to change along with the name of the club?
A: Our uniforms will change – we will look similar to the San Diego Surf teams in that our gear will be branded with Soccerloco per the title sponsorship agreement signed in January. We also hope that our dedication to the pursuit and negotiation of this franchise agreement demonstrates to you that our Board is 100% committed to build this club into the very best in southern California, and that creates a sense of excitement about the future of the club.  We’re here to stay, and we are aggressively pursuing advancement at all levels of the club that will benefit you and your children.